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Tranquil home in Museum District

In Amsterdam's prestigious Museum District lies the home of Maud and Piet-Hein. Their residence stands as a sanctuary in the heart of the city, where every detail reflects their unique style and personality. What started as a new-build project among traditional Amsterdam homes has evolved into a meticulously crafted masterpiece, blending timeless elegance with functional design.


Lacquered MDF, Natural Oak, Composite, Stainless Steel




250 M2



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From the outset, Maud and Piet-Hein were deeply involved in every aspect of their home's transformation, which unfolded in four carefully planned stages. These included the creation of bespoke features such as a custom fireplace, wardrobes, a home office, master bedroom, guest room, and bathrooms.

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At Format, personalization is at the heart of everything we do. The young couple envisioned a home that merges functionality with aesthetic allure. Each space, from initial design through execution, was tailored to integrate seamlessly with their lifestyle. The kitchen, serving as the hart of the home, was crafted with minimalist aesthetics. It features sprayed MDF with a composite countertop, accented by warm oak interiors that showcase the level of impeccable craftsmanship. The spacious island with a bar area offers plenty storage, dual sinks, dishwashers, and a convenient wine climate cabinet, with every detail thoughtfully considered.

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A standout feature is the bespoke fireplace, custom-made from never dark, functioning as a bio-ethanol heating source for added ambiance and warmth during colder months. Crafted from heat-resistant MDF and seamlessly painted to match the wall, it integrates a functional workspace within its design. On the opposite side, the area effortlessly transitions into a multifunctional TV space, showcasing versatility in design.

"By using the same natural, calm and warm materials, we have been able to create a beautiful unity. A great need for the residents. And a place in the middle of the city, where you can completely reset."

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Upstairs, the master suite exudes luxury with a walk-in wardrobe centered around an oak island, providing enough storage and a serene retreat. Opening onto a balcony connected to the garden, it fosters a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Natural oak cabinets complement the flooring, harmonizing with the tranquil ambiance of the bedroom and adjoining bathroom, complete with a makeup nook and integrated storage solutions. The guest room resembles a boutique hotel suite with a mini pantry and custom-designed marble sink, while the adjacent bathroom features marble finishes and sprayed MDF cabinets in a warm bronze hue, ensuring comfort and style for guests.

Maud and Piet-Hein's vision combined with our expertise resulted in a tranquil and modern home that exceeds their expectations and highlights our dedication to craftsmanship and timeless design.

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