RETHINK STORIES | Spacious living on limited square meters in Amsterdam

By Format

Taking a peek into someone else's home is always fascinating. It can give you inspiration, but it is also an opportunity to look at other people’s design choices shamelessly. In Rethink Stories, we give a glimpse into the interiors that Format has designed and built. This time we look inside Ankie's (38) apartment, which is located in the middle of the lively centre of Amsterdam.


Ankie works in her family's business. A contractor company in ground and hydraulic engineering that specialises in creating projects in nature. In her spare time she likes to play a game of sudoku and spend hours building Lego creations. Her personal passion is travelling, but interior design also makes her heart beat faster. She feels most at home in a tidy and clean house. That is why she recently got rid of most of her stuff. “Basically, I can feel at home anywhere, as long as the space is small. Calmness is an important element for me. I have to think a lot for my work and I can do that best in a quiet environment.”

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“I have a very clear vision on interior design and therefore also on the design of my own home. At first I thought everything out myself. Then, a friend of mine who is an architect helped me draw up the design. I especially wanted to create more openness in the space. The Italian design studio Dimore is a great source of inspiration. The use of colour and warmth in combination with round shapes and sleek finish is what I also wanted to see reflected in my home. In total, the entire process took a year and a half and it turned out exactly as I envisioned it.”

"Jikke and Floor have contributed so much to the finish and the details, but also when it comes to the more practical matters such as the layout of the cabinets."



Collaboration with FORMAT

“I came across Format on Instagram and when I saw their work I immediately knew that they were the right party to work with, for me. I went to them with the drawings and apart from a few practical changes, we stayed true to the original design. I could always reach out to Jikke and Floor to discuss anything, which was very pleasant. In addition, they are extremely skilled and they know everything about materials, for example. Jikke and Floor contributed ideas about the finish and details such as the handles, but also about more practical matters such as the layout of the cabinets. Together we have come a long way. For example, storage space was an important focus point for me during the design phase. My house has not gotten any bigger, but thanks to the functional solutions that Format has built, I can still store all my stuff.”

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“I am really proud of my couch, de Camaleonda from B&B Italia, and recently I ordered an artwork from an American artist called Michael McGregor. He creates crayon-like drawings with paint and I can not wait to put the piece above my couch. As we speak, another work of art made of ceramics is being created. This piece is a nod to our family business which works in clay.”

And looking at the future - what does it look like and what plans do you have?

“The foundations have been laid and they are beautiful! However, I still miss a number of ambient components, such as curtains and a rug. I'm going to get started with that now. Even though the space is completely different than before, I feel very much at home.”