A conversation with Gabrielle, Interior Designer at Format

By Gabrielle

At Format we believe in timeless design and the power of simplicity. Our interior designer Gabrielle (27) knows how to perfectly capture the Format style in her designs. She tells us about her design process, the challenges she sometimes faces and how her personal design style matches that of Format.

Meet Gabrielle

Gabrielle has been working as an interior designer at Format for a year now. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to become an interior designer. Gabrielle: “It all started with the computer game The Sims, in which you can easily build your own houses. While playing the game I knew I wanted to make this my profession. I first followed an MBO course in interior design and then completed an HBO course in Belgium at the Thomas More Hogeschool. Interior design is my passion. My work varies from bigger projects to more simple designs, such as the design of a cupboard or a desk. I think it's super cool to make something unique for every customer, every single time."

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The process

“New clients often come in with a list of requirements. I usually join in during the kick-off meeting. Depending on the size of the project, we meet at the office or on location. When it comes to a larger project, it can be helpful to see how someone lives and what a space looks like. During the kick-off meeting, we first discuss the customer's wishes and send them home with an assignment. We ask the client to create a Pinterest inspiration board. Based on this I create a first sketch design. We often show two or three options, so that we can see what the customer is most excited about. A feedback round then follows and we move towards a preliminary design. In this phase, the design takes on more shape and is worked out in detail. Often, several practical points that need attention tend to surface. A second round of feedback takes place and then the final design follows. In this last phase everything comes together and it becomes about the finishing touches. The duration of the whole process is determined by the size of the project.”

“My design style can best be described as light and uncluttered, minimalist but warm. At the same time, I think it is important that a space feels homely.” - Gabrielle

“One of the most common challenges is the concept of space versus functionality. Many of our customers are located in Amsterdam, where living spaces are generally quite small. The trick is to allow different functions to come together in a space while at the same time maintaining a certain openness. The goal is to make a home feel spacious and homely, without compromising on the functionality of a room.”

“The trick is to allow different functions to come together in a space while at the same time maintaining a certain openness.”


Interior designer at Format

Inspiration and personal style

“I, but also Jikke and Floor really love Belgian design. Especially the calmness appeals to us very much. At the same time, Belgian design is slightly more design minded than the Dutch style. Personally, I don't really have big names in the field that inspire me. I am a big fan of Scandinavian design. I like the tranquil and natural aspect. For example, I really like Norm Architects. Fortunately, my personal design style matches that of Format, which makes it easy for me to work at Format. My design style is best described as light and uncluttered, minimalist but warm.”



“I am most proud of a project we do not yet have the pictures of, but those will follow soon. It is a kitchen design for a classic and pompous home. At first it was quite a challenge to create a modern kitchen design in Format style for such a classic home, but the combination of classic and modern turned out surprisingly beautifully. I am really very proud of that.”

And looking at the future - how do you envision that for Format?

“Our dream is to grow with Format. Larger all encompassing projects, which come with new challenges. In addition, I think it would be really cool to do something internationally, a holiday home for example. Another shared dream is to open a second Format branch abroad. We are all fans of Italy, so that would be the ultimate dream.”