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Timeless kitchen for modern farmhouse

Davy and Mandy's farmhouse, nestled in the countryside, beautifully combines modern comfort with rustic charm. It’s a cozy and vibrant oasis, full of life with animals roaming around, where you immediately feel at home. They entrusted us not only with designing their kitchen but also with other essential elements for their modern farmhouse.


Walnut, Calacatta Marble, Brass




245 M2



In collaboration with

Anna van der Aar

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We started from scratch with the kitchen design, presenting them different design concepts. We made sure to integrate the wooden beams of the farmhouse into the kitchen's design to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Ultimately, the residents chose a timeless design with unique elements. In addition to the kitchen, we also took care of their wardrobes, bathroom and TV unit.

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The kitchen is the central point of the home, forming the heart of their farmhouse. They wanted a kitchen island with a little bar where they could enjoy cozy breakfasts with their kids. Their priority was practicality, ensuring the space was not only inviting but also functional. And of course, a coffee corner was essential. The lay-out of the kitchen is specifically designed to optimize the space. We chose for a peninsula layout, strategically attaching the kitchen island on one side. This layout harmonizes seamlessly with the flow of the house, facilitating free movement while at the same time maintaining an open, airy atmosphere.

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All the materials for the kitchen were carefully selected. We opted for a combination of walnut wood with a matte finish and Calacatta Gold marble, creating a timeless look and feel.

"The significant level of design freedom for this beautiful characteristic farmhouse made this a very enjoyable project. This wonderful collaboration resulted in a stunning and unique outcome."


Head of Design

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By extending the walnut wood to the roof ridge we enhanced the kitchen’s sense of spaciousness. The discreetly integrated door, made from matching walnut wood, effortlessly blends with the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. This design fuses timeless elements with unique touches: the robust brass shelf, a softly curved marble countertop, subtle round marble power outlets, and circular black lights embedded within the marble. The result is a beautiful, solid kitchen design that embodies a harmonious blend of distinct features, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

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