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Sneak peek

Living on the canals of Amsterdam

A classic Dutch houseboat built in the 1980's situated in one of the most prestigious canals of Holland's capital Amsterdam, de Keizersgracht got transformed into a high-quality future-driven design that inspires. To work. To rest. To move. And above all, to enjoy life on the water.


Lacquered MDF, Ceramics




70 M2

In collaboration with

Bob van Zonneveld

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The houseboat was bought by the local owners of the house right in front of the boat who loved an extension of their house for visitors, a creative workspace on the water and personal gym.

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For this project we partnered with interior designer Bob van Zonneveld. Together we crafted a smart design to renovate and modernize the boat while preserving the unique feeling of living on the water.

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We rebuilt the 70 m2 space on the water with just two materials: lacquered MDF and ceramic to create an open, inviting and peaceful environment.

"So wonderful to involve the Format team in projects with a lot of bespoke furniture. This is how we achieve a great end result together!"

Bob van Zonneveld


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Homely yet modern and minimalistic

With its picturesque views of the canals and typical Amsterdam houses along lining the water’s edge, the houseboat offers a homely yet modern and minimalistic living space.

From a modern, high quality kitchen with ceramic kitchen work top to a wardrobe wall that enhances space and creates a loft-like feeling, and a unique, handcrafted bathroom piece perfectly tailored to the space.

Combine the unexpected. Relevant today, relevant tomorrow.

Photography by Verdenius

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We had IT done

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Project Manager


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Design & Technical Director


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Head of Design


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Lead Craftsmen


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